1Why do you charge charities/ schools a nominal cost?
- Our registered network will be able to track, plan for, and buy good quality second hand office furniture for their own use at significant discounts - A nominal value is charged to ensure collection (+95%) - Email confirmation provided once items are bought
2Who is in charge of preparation and delivery?
- Relieve works with the donating businesses providing support and guidance - Key logistics agreed upfront (including Health & Safety, and access) - Communications and updates made via our platform
3How should items be prepared?
- Ideally the items should be grouped to help efficient pick ups - Or grouped into itemised categories with easy access to all provided
4What are the best pick up locations?
- Any may suit, but common constraints such as space, safety, timing, parking need to be addressed - Relieve will work with you and the onsite team
- The donating business determines the time/ date - All communicated to our registered charity/ school partners via booking platform
6On the day?
- Instructions provided within confirmation email - Times, dates, location, and other key logistic information (ie parking information) provided - Bring your personal unique ID code (within email)